Pop Quiz: Which Literary Teacher Are You?

It’s been a long week here in Boston–conference planning, hiring season hubbub, and sub-zero temperatures have made the days feel a little longer.

So, because it’s Friday, here’s something fun.  We imagine that you, like us, love literature and have a few favorite fabled teachers of your own.  But if you were a fictitious teacher, who would you be?  Take our quiz to find out!

1. What subject do you teach?

A. Chemistry
B. English
C. Science
D. Art History
E. History

2. How old are your students?

A. 11-17
B. 5-18
C. 8-10
D. 18-22
E. 10

3. Where would you most like to live?

A. The English countryside
B. Prince Edward Island
C. All over the world–too hard to choose just one spot
D. Cambridge, Massachusetts
E. Edinburgh, Scotland

4. Do you have favorite students?

A. Yes–and I have least favorites, too.
B. I try not to–but there are some students whom I can’t help but love more than the others!  They’re true kindred spirits.
C. I don’t have favorites–I love all my students, and I love all the lessons I teach them.
D. You know, I don’t interact all that much with my students.  I spend more time doing research.
E. Oh yes.  I have a small, devoted group of favorites.  I expect we’ll be close for years.

5. How would you describe yourself?

A. Powerful and sarcastic.
B. Full of joy and expectation.
C. Curious and engaged–and I have great style.
D. Detective-like.
E. In my prime.

6. What’s your favorite thing to do outside of class?

A. Pine over unrequited love.
B. Write short fiction.
C. Plan my next adventure.
D. Solve puzzles.
E. Ponder religion, art, and history.

7. What will be your downfall?

A. One troublesome student…and a guilty conscience.
B. Geometry.
C. Time travel, most likely.
D. A small but violent religious faction.
E. Fascism.

Mostly “A”s: You’re Professor Snape from Harry PotterHarry Potter teacher

Dark and sarcastic, you might come across as the villain–but you’re most likely just misunderstood.  Beneath your spiky exterior is a vulnerability and courage that others might not expect.  You feel most at home in the chem lab; you’re a whiz with a Bunsen Burner, you have a knack for understanding reactions, and you’ve loved the subject since you were in school.  You’ve even dabbled in some experiments of your own!

Mostly “B”s: You’re Anne Shirley from Anne of AvonleaAnne of Avonlea teacher

You love teaching, because you love people.  You people-watch, you make up stories about people, and you talk–non-stop–to the people you like.  Going to work is an adventure for you: what will your students do next?  You’re creative and exuberant, and you’re pretty psyched about life every day of the week.  You’ve also got a talent–creative writing, perhaps?–that you nurture on the sly.

Mostly “C”s: You’re Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School BusMagic School Bus teacher

You’re a little out there, and you’re okay with that.  It’s highly possible that your students didn’t quite know what to make of you or your class at the beginning of the year–but now they can’t get enough.  You love hands-on, experimental learning, and you think field trips are the best.  What better way to learn than to interact with the subjects of study?  You’re quirky and fun and–subtly–kind of brilliant.  Oh, and you have a pretty sweet ride.

Mostly “D”s: You’re Robert Langdon from The DaVinci CodeThe DaVinci Code Teacher

You work in a remote field of study, and you’re the foremost authority on the topic.  You spend a lot of effort on your research–sometimes to the exclusion of spending time with other people.  But the work you do is incredibly interesting–you think it could help you solve a crime or two.  You’re dashing and daring, the Indiana Jones of the Art History  Department.

Mostly “E”s: You’re Jean Brodie from The Prime of Miss Jean BrodieThe Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Teacher

Things might not necessarily be going quite your way.  You might have expected events to unfold a little differently in you’re life, but you’re the eternal optimist–you are, after all, in your prime.  You don’t exactly follow the curriculum when you teach, and you wax poetic on a wide range of humanities topics, from religious studies to drama to history.  You might have had your heart broken once or twice, and you have a sinking suspicion that someone close to you might betray you.


Which fictional teacher are you?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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